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Popkin, Shamir & Golan is a professional, full-service immigration lawyer. The firm is located in the heart of Los Angeles and provides United States of America immigrants with services in several main areas of immigration.  Call our professional lawyers for a free consultation:   (213) 383-3222

    We are devoted to provide you with the best legal service and experience to resolve your employment-based immigration and/or citizenship problems that include but not limited to: adjustment of status, affidavit of support, aggravated felony, grounds for deportation, political asylum and more. Our lawyers can represent a client in federal court for complicated cases.
         We will guide you through the complex and new immigration hurdles with the ultimate goal of resolving your immigration issues.

         Popkin, Shamir & Golan immigration lawyer advocates for major overhaul of the aliens immigration law because the present law does not serve the country and its economic needs. There is no way but to provide legalization for the millions of undocumented who live in the U.S. and have established families and businesses over the years and have children and grandchildren born and educated in the U.S. 
         There is no other way to treat these millions, because no government, not even President of the USA, can deport from the U.S. millions of people who have established their lives here for many years.  Check Immigration Services Online and Contact our Lawyers (213) 383-3222.

Can the U.S. deport 12 or more million aliens? No. 
Most of them are good citizens contributing to society and the economy.
        One must stop the next inflow of illegal immigrants, but those who have been here for many years must be legalized.  Both political parties had opportunities to pass a new comprehensive immigration law and also to normalize the illegal status of the millions who have been living here for years.
        As attorneys, we will continue to represent clients and support all efforts to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act.

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Popkin, Shamir & Golan is a professional full-service immigration law firm located in the heart of Los Angeles and provides services in several main areas of immigration.  We offer Free Immigration Consultation with English, Spanish, Hindi, Filipino, Russian, Armenian and Vietnamese staff members.