1. Marriage fell apart before green card?

2. Employer's business closed?

3. Marriage fell apart after green card?

4. Employer's ability to pay less than required?

5. Got married but never divorced?

6. Co-worker called ICE on you?

7. Immigrated as an unmarried son or daughter - but really married?

8. Not employed by sponsor after green card?

9. Petitioner passed away?

10. Forgot that old deportation order?

11. Child denied because he's/she's over 21?

12. Green card defective?  Complications on your record?

13. Political asylum denied?  Or too late to file?

14. Denied naturalization?  Can apply again?

15. Consultant arranged marriage with non-existing American citizen?

16. Past convictions come back to bite you?

17. Problems with a K-1 visa?

18. Entered with assumed name?  Other immigration fraud?

19. Application pending… pending… pending… pending?

20. Don't remember what was written on your application many years ago?

21. Have a deportation hearing?

22. Visa denied by embassy?

23. Loved-one in ICE custody?

99. Unique immirgation problem?
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